RaveForLifeClear (1) copyI’m not known for “Down Time” – I love a good project to get stuck in to. Over the last couple of years I have involved myself with one of Brighton’s cooler and more enduring club nights – “Hush” – or “Hard Hush” as it is now known!! What started as a business meeting in a pub (isn’t that where all good meetings happen?),to discuss promotion and social media, has developed in to a strong friendship with founder and promoter Tasha Beaumont Kaye.

She bucks the trend in club night promoters – Super nice and “in it” for the love of the music! And this has been proven beyond doubt to me. Having been diagnosed with cancer last year, Tasha was incredibly supportive – more so than many people that i have know for Years.

Cancer is something that keeps rearing its ugly head among our circles. Is it perhaps our age? Both of us seasoned clubbers, our circles are now in the main, 40+ year old “Peter and Petra Pans” – refusing to accept that our clubbing days are over. Young to the core, we fit a demographic that precedes the more savvy and socially aware Millennials. Defined by age alone as “Generation X” – for the clubbing fraternity, this perhaps was a term that is far more appropriate for very different reasons!

We have both lost influential people in our lives recently, due to the dreaded scum that is cancer and both now have people in our lives that have been diagnosed in the last few weeks. Sadly, for my father, there is no positive outcome on the horizon.

Tasha is now, taking it one step further. The next Hard Hush event is a twelve hour hard house / drum n bass “Stompathon” to raise money for the the incredible people of Macmillan Cancer Support. As free events go, its a cracker! Involving a number of World Class International DJ’s such as Oberon, Chris Hampshire and Laura May. Local talent includes the hugely talented Gordon Darling and SMX Project, who are making a big name for themselves in the trance scene, as well as being residents on  Trickstar Radio. With donation buckets and a raffle – including some cool industry prizes, its gonna be one hell of a party.

Realising that there would be limitations on relying solely on the event, I was keen to explore options and open up more money raising opportunities. As a direct result #RaveForLife was born! A cheeky play on words, this concept looks to reach out and raise awareness within the clubbing community. Having had the privilege of meeting many industry professionals since the inception of The Muzik Genie, I felt sure that they would be the first port of call. And the response has been astounding. So much so, that we have been able to create the first annual “Hard Hush Fundraiser”!

Instead of just asking people to donate, we are #JustGivingBack, with a bounty of products, festival and club tickets to give away – both here and abroad. Contributors include one of the biggest DJ Management companies – Twenty4Seven, one of the biggest dance event organisers in the UK – James Dean Events, as well as numerous club nights including Remedy, RONG, Trancecoda, Gods Kitchen and BOSH.

On the production side of things, Lennar Digital (Sylenth), Producer Loops and Cat Martin have all donated prizes and both Black Hole Recordings and Recoverworld Label Group fly the flag for the record labels. With more to confirm over the coming weeks, its really is a swag bag to shout about!

Running from Monday 21st April for one calendar month, the aim is to engage both socially conscious clubbers with World class dance events – whilst raising money for a great cause. Full details can be found be found on the Just Giving Page and the fundraising Facebook page.

The fact of the matter is that one in two of us will succumb to, or know someone who gets diagnosed with cancer in our life time. A frightening statistic indeed. MacMillan aims to reach and support the lives of every single individual affected by cancer in the UK.

So please get behind our cause. You don’t even have to donate to be a part of this. By sharing what we are doing and helping us to reach as many people as possible, you will play your part.

In advance thank you and Keep On Raving!


#RaveForLife #JustGivingBack
#HardHush #JustGivingBack #RaveForLife

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  1. Hannah, you are one of the strongest ladies I have ever met! Who would have thought that the brief meeting we had in the pub would lead us to where we are now. Big hugs lady! #RaveForLife xx

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