#03 The Muzik Genie – Gary Maguire is back- iNSIDE

GaryMaguirepic_400x400This week I was privileged to be assigned with the task of promoting Irish trance legend, Gary Maguires debut artist album – iNSIDE, which is being released on Recoverworld next month. Being what I would consider to be a trance connoisseur, I was intrigued to see what a purist trance producer, could conjure up, and I was over overwhelmed with the quality and attention to detail that was presented to me.

Anyone who can trace their trance routes back to the early naughties – way before the term “EDM” ever existed, will know what I mean when I describe this album as a personal journey. It felt like I was listening to one of my favourite CD’s of all time – Gatecrasher Wet, and that is the biggest compliment I can bestow on this beautifully crafted work of art.

Opening with “Dont Believe The Hype” I was immediately faced with Gary’s dark signature undertones, combined with an uplifting edge and beautiful bass line. “Can’t You Hear Us” brought back memories of trance classic “Turn It Around – 4 Strings Feat. Vanessa van Hemert” whilst “Anonymous” introduced one of Gary’s talented siblings to enhance a melodious but vitally important respite to the tempo. “Its Complicated” was anything but – and quickly reminded me that I was on a journey of discovery and subtly drifted into “Playing Games”, which once again drew comparisons from the classic era of uplifting anthems, which defined many a memorable night out. “Rewinding Time” is guaranteed to grace many a set in clubland and can only be described as an epic trance classic. “Cangaru” featuring Anthony Quinn, gives you an ever so slight breather from the high energy workout, but respite is short lived as “By My Side” featuring Lisa Abbott catapults you in the next phase of the album and reminds you once again, that this is no ordinary production. Lisa’s vocals offset the angst that give us an insight as to the truth behind the album. Track nine – “Beer Goggles” combines originality, pace and imagination, leading in to “Make Believe” – which tracks back to a much darker and heavier vibe altogether. “Press Play” and “Clear Purpose” complete the story, and again take me back to my Gatecrasher days.

The finale is the title track iNSIDE, and draws together the family. Featuring “the Bro and Sis” it is by far my favourite tune. It stopped me in my tracks, having already lived every moment. The stunning vocal, piano riffs and sheer emotion left me in no doubt that, if I was in a club and this was dropped in a set, I would have “a moment” that I thought had been left in the hedonistic days of some of my most memorable nights in some of the best clubs around the World.

It saddens me that these days days talent is judged by Facebook “likes” and Twitter “followers”, hence the reason that many of todays DJ’s are in the popularity polls. Gary is a reminder and a testament to the reason why us purists still believe and still understand what it is like to stand in the middle of the dance floor and feel emotion.

Released on CD on the 16th June and the 30th June on digital format, this is not one to be be missed.

Gary Maguire – ‘iИside’ Track Listing

1. Don’t Believe the Hype (iNside Intro Version)
2. Can You Hear Us
3. Anonymous (feat. the Bro)
4. It’s Complicated
5. Playing Games
6. Rewinding Time
7. Cangaru (with Anthony Quinn)
8. By My Side (with CLSM) (feat. Lisa Abbott)
9. Beer Goggles
10. Make Believe
11. Press Play
12. Clear Purpose
13. INside (feat. the Bro + Sis)


#02 The Muzik Genie – Time to Recover -World

Recoverworld2012Exciting news this week at The Muzik Genie HQ, as I celebrate my first “official” PR role, working with dance music royalty – The Recoverworld Label Group. Being able to support Brighton heritage is reward enough you would think. They are able to boast that they are one of the UK’s oldest independent dance music label groups – starting back in 1994 as Eve Records.

But the icing on the cake for me, is that it is predominantly a trance label – which is still my true love, although, admittedly these days I regularly flirt with other genres.My love affair with trance, started back in the mid nineties, as I progressed from raving at happy hardcore nights, at venues such as the notorious Rhythm Station in Aldershot and all nighters like World Dance at Lydd Airport. I was given a cassette tape (don’t ask kids) of a Paul Oakenfold Mix and it never left my walkman (again, don’t ask kids) well – until my radio cassette player chewed it up and spat it out, never to be heard again!

Recoverworld currently boasts of  a suite of eight active labels, generating a high output of releases across a wide range of genres including trance, techno and house. The labels currently include the “Discover” labels, Kill the Lights, EVE, Flux Delux, Recover, Slinky (management), Iconise and Prosumer although this list is continually changing as we expand our roster to include more genres, artists and labels.

Past and present artists  include Matt Hardwick (who to this day played one of the most memorable sets for me, at Gatecrasher in 1999), John Askew, Manuel Le Saux, Sean Tyas, John O’Callaghan, Gary Maguire, Activa and many more. And they come from all over the World – The Netherlands, Australia, USA, Ireland and Russia giving a truly international flavour.

Recoverworld continues to evolve. As well as a continually expanding their collection of record labels, they can also include a publishing company, online record store and recording studio/mastering suite in the tool bag. Their music is licensed to CD’s and DVD’s internationally and includes large scale compilations via labels including Armada, Ministry, Sony, Vandit and Warner Music as well as numerous credible underground mixes.

I dont know what the future holds, but I do know one thing …. Recoverworld go from strength to strength and I am now a very proud person to be a small part of that journey.