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Mixcloud CuratesTuesday 22nd April – and it was time for me to head up to London for Mixcloud Curates –  the 2nd annual event of its kind. Movers, shakers, thought leaders and thought followers gathered at leading East London music venue Village Underground to listen to an inspired panel of speakers, covering a range of relevant industry topics.

Since it’s creation in 2008, Mixcloud has gone from strength to strength with an average of 10 million UK users monthly. It continues to innovate and to support innovation.

First up founder Nikhil Shah welcomed everyone and opened up proceedings by introducing the first panel  entitled Meet the Curators which discussed the role of music journalists, radio broadcasters, DJs and curators. Moderated by Del Dias, MD for AEI Media (UKF, Majestic Casual, Drum N Bass Arena) the panelists were:

Huw Stephens (Broadcaster, BBC Radio 1)
Alex Hoffman (Head of Music, VICE)
Nemone (Broadcaster, BBC Radio 6 Music)

Next up was Brands & Music Panel. With music being one of the world’s biggest passion points, brands have identified incredible opportunities to engage their target audiences. Leading brands and agencies discussed their approach, their strategies, their focus and what challenges and opportunities they see in the future. Moderated by Mixclouds Ben Lawrence the panel included:

  • Matt Dyke (Founder, AnalogFolk)
  • Jade Garrow (Marketing Director @ Boxfresh)
  • Natalie Wills (Global Marketing Manager, SABMiller)
  • Jack Horner (Founder, FRUKT)

We were then treated to a lovely presentation from the incredibly talented and forward thinking Max Reyner, editor of Protein, who discussed the results of their most recent survey “The Work Report – Generation Risk” which covered emerging millennial attitudes and for me personally was a massive eye opener, and made me feel part of a much bigger picture, which as a freelancer is one of the hardest feelings to achieve.

Finally, the talk that I had been looking forward to the most, due to a certain club owner and philanthropist, and he didn’t disappoint! The Live Experiences Panel discussed creating unforgettable live and festival experiences, what’s the current pulse and where’s it all going? From marketing to content and curation to on site experiences, how do different organisers approach their strategy and stand out in an increasingly saturated market? This talk was moderated by Marino Fresch, Head of Marketing for Eventbrite:


main_image_2040I found Keith to be incredibly inspiring and honest. From the attention to detail applied to the artwork for Fabric, to the fact that Fabric will not sacrifice on quality by having a festival that cannot re-create the sound that can be heard within the walls of London’s number one club venue, to the quality of acts that have played there since its opening in 1999, to his frank account of the circumstances behind “Matter” and finally, his approach to supporting and nurturing creative talent, by working towards fulfilling his ambition to have twenty venues (or laboratories as he likes to call them) around the Worldwide where anyone with creative vision, whether it be music, art, pottery, production, singing …. etc can go to and have the tools, space and support to simply create. By pure luck or maybe serendipity, as I was leaving the venue, I walked straight past Mr Reilly himself and had the opportunity to speak with him for ten minutes. Definitely the icing on the cake for what turned out to be a fantastic day. So thank you Mixcloud – I look forward to seeing you again next year!

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